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  • Do we take custom orders or do collaborations?
    Due to the labour intensive nature of screen printing it is often challenging to make custom orders cost effective without large quantities. Having said that we are always interested to hear what you have in mind. Please feel free to send us an email at to share your idea/request and we can discuss the possibilities.
  • Does the ink fade with the first or subsequent washes?
    One of the final steps of our process is to heat set the textiles. This is done by applying heat directly to the finished print for a set amount of time to ensure the ink is bound to the fibres of the fabric. Because our textiles are not washed after printing the intensity of the colours will be subdued very slightly with the first wash. After this the ink will not fade with subsequent washes. Over time as the fibres of the material wear from use the ink will wear as well taking on a lived in quality. We have had textiles we have used for years and the print still looks fresh and lovely today.
  • How absorbent are the tea towels?
    All of our tea towels are made from a high quality linen cotton blend. The beauty of using this blend is that the material is both very absorbent because of the cotton and quick drying because of the linen. As an added bonus we have found that unlike some fabrics the linen cotton blend truly improves with age and use. The tea towels become softer and more absorbent with every wash.
  • Who does the designs?
    All of the designs and artwork are original and created collaboratively in the studio.
  • Do we print on ready made products?
    No. We strive to produce high quality textiles. To ensure that we are producing a product that you can live with for years to come we start with high quality fabrics. All of our products are sewn and fabricated in house from this raw material.
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